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A Home Afloat

A Home Afloat gives an enticing peek through the portholes, and access to a wealth of inspiring ideas for anyone wanting
to make their home aboard a boat of whatever shape and size.

This gorgeous coffee table book is bursting with interior
design and furnishing ideas for boats and other small living spaces, and looks inside motorboats, riverboats, houseboats,
yachts, barges, tugs and commercial vessels.

A Home Afloat gives an insight into the lifestyle of people with different budgets and outlooks on life, but who have all made the decision to live afloat. The beautiful photography shows that living afloat can be every bit as luxurious as life on land.

'A home afloat is definitely the way to live. There's nothing better than watching the sunset from the deck of your own
waterside residence and being rocked to sleep by the bobbing motion of the water - and when you want a change of
scenery, you can always set sail.' – The author


ISBN 9780713688771
Hardback, 128 pages. 250x250 mm.
Colour photography throughout.

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a home afloat
a home afloat
a home afloat
a home afloat


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